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Vetiver + Tonka Candle

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Indulge with luxurious notes of white rose giving way to perfumes of rich cardamom, nutmeg, and tonka bean. Throw open your living room window to steep your home in this complex scent of changing seasons.

This natural soy wax candle infused with essential oils is available for pre-order in these containers:
- Clear Glass Tumbler, two cotton wicks, approx. 45 hour burn time
- Black Matte Glass Tumbler, single cotton wick, approx. 55 hour burn time
- Amber Jar, single wick in 8 oz. reusable jar, approx. 30 hours of burn time
- Metal Tin, 8 oz. tin, approx. 28-hour burn time
- Wax Melts, 6 cube packs

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  • - 11 oz. glass tumbler / wax weight 8.25 oz.
    - Two cotton wicks for even burning
    - Packaged in a recycled paperboard box
    - Approximate 45-hour burn time

    - 13 oz. matte black glass tumbler / wax weight 10.2 oz.
    - Single cotton wick
    - Approximate 55-hour burn time

    - 8 oz. reusable amber jar / wax weight 7.2 oz.
    - Single cotton wick
    - Approximate 30-hour burn time
    - Bronze lid
    - Perfect for small to medium-sized rooms

    - 8 oz. metal tin
    - Single cotton wick
    - Approximate 28-hour burn time
    - Perfect for small bathrooms and bedrooms

    - Wax melts, 6 cube packs
    - Ideal for offices, teacher rooms, and bathrooms
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