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About Us

Personalized Customer Service

That is what makes Harley Butler Trading Company distinct from the other online furniture stores.

Personalized –

Everyone has a different sense and flavor of style. A style which defines their preferences, likes and dislikes, their personality, in fashion, music, food – and home furnishings. Sometimes it has a label – contemporary, traditional, transitional. Sometimes it does not – you know it when you see it. But whatever your style, it is yours. It is your personal style. And you want a resource for home furnishings that understands that, remembers it. Gets it.

Customer –

You. The visitor to our webstore. The person shopping for a particular lamp, a new sofa, something different to make a statement. You search the web, visiting the many furnishings websites, starting your search anew with each visit. To them you are a visitor count, a number, an abandoned cart. To us, you are a name, a person with a need who may or may not want some advice or guidance with your search, but a person searching for that particular lamp, or the sofa with a certain style fabric, or that certain something that will set your room apart.

Service –

What we provide to you, our customer. We listen to, or read, what your desires are, what your tastes are, and we offer suggestions when you want them, or point you in the right direction when you want to browse. And we remember. We develop your personalized profile, so we can help you find the right piece on this visit, and when you come back wanting to add other pieces. Without starting from scratch every time. Why? Because your time is valuable, as is your patronage and the relationship we strive to establish with you, our customer.

We didn’t just pop up from nowhere, either. Harley Butler Trading Company brings to e-commerce home furnishings nearly three decades of experience in furniture design, home interior decorating, and retail sales, providing our customers a vast array of the highest quality products at prices to fit all lifestyles. Our product lines are diverse in style and trend, from sophisticated and elegant, to down-home and comfortable; sourced regionally and from across the globe.

Life is about choices, and we recognize you have the choice in where and when to shop for home and office furnishings. Our desire and commitment is to make your shopping experience convenient, flexible, and straight-forward, and to have our many years of experience available when you need it with design, product, or order fulfillment questions. We look forward to many years of trading with you.

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