crave candles company fragrances

Indulge yourself and others with these sumptuous fragrances from Crave Candles Company.

FragranceCharacteristicsFragrance Available
Cashmerefeminine and pretty with essences of jasmine, lily of the valley and bergamot with warm undertones of sandalwood, amber and musk enhanced by a touch of vanillaYear Round   
Christmas Morninga warm blend of orange, lemon, apple cider and cranberriesSeasonal
Citrus Basila delightfully fresh green floral bouquet with a sweet, musky undertoneYear Round
Cranberry Woodsan irresistible blend of tart cranberries, spiced apples and orange peel; anchored on a base of warm cedarwoodSeasonal
Day at the Spaawaken the senses with this relaxing blend that includes cinnamon, peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oilsYear Round
Desert Blossoma refreshing blend of fresh flowers and light coconut with a soothing musk and sandalwood baseYear Round
Farmer's Marketa highly fragrant blend of fruits that include apples and strawberries blended with coconut and an undertone of violet and muskYear Round
Frasier Firinfused with natural essential oils including fir balsam, Crave's frasier fir has mild citrus top notes and earthy undercurrents that are cozy and comfortingSeasonal
Ginger & Sea Salta fabulous blend of exotic fruits (a hint of peach) blended with coastal sea saltYear Round
Harvesta warm, spicy cinnamon blend with slight buttery notesSeasonal
Lavender Eucalyptusa fragrant blend of eucalyptus and lavender flowers enhanced by lilac, rose and jasmine with a spicy, woody undertoneYear Round
Lemongrassa relaxing blend of chamomile and lemongrass with citrus undertones and a prickly bear backgroundYear Round
Midnight CitrusMidnight seas wrapped in fresh citrus and blue watersYear Round
Patchouli Amberfresh mint, patchouli, honeysuckle and hyacinth with jasmine, bergamot and sandalwoodYear Round
Pepperminta clean and refreshing fragrance blended with warm vanillaYear Round
Pink Mimosatime to unwind and relax with the sweet aroma of juicy strawberries blended with mimosa and vanilla rum; topped off with sandalwood and a hint of gardeniaYear Round
Pumpkin Soufflearomatic pumpkin with warm cinnamon stick; crushed almond accentsSeasonal
Salted Caramelthis rich, indulgent scent was created with a combination of sweet coconut, caramelized sugar and silky caramel vanillaSeasonal
Seasidenamed after the owner's favorite little beach town, this fragrance combines fresh citrus and blue waters with coastal sea salt and cactus floral notesYear Round
Smoked VanillaCrave's masculine version of classic French vanilla balances smoke and creamy vanilla notesYear Round
Sweet Cottonfresh green apple with hints of orange and pineapple with a musk undertoneYear Round
Sugar Cookiefreshly baked sugar cookies with a touch of butter and sweet vanillaYear Round
Tom Ford Tobaccothe warm, sweet scent of tobacco leaf and spicy notes intertwine with creamy vanillaYear Round
Twisted Coconuta strong citrus lime scent mixed with fresh-cut verbena leaves and warmed with coconut, vanilla and musk undertonesYear Round
Volcano this lovely fragrance is a clean, fresh scent with top notes of tropical fruits, woodland greens and sweet citrus, middle notes of ripe strawberries and fragrant jasmine, and bottom notes of sweet seasonal raspberriesYear Round
Walk in the WoodsCrave adds a new layer of sophisticated luxury to traditional pine scents with vivid notes of eucalyptus, patchouli and cedar leafSeasonal
White Linena luxurious, soft Linen with sweet notes of blended herbal tea with undertones of sandalwoodYear Round