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Crave Candles Company


Steel City Pewter Tin

20 ounce Pewter Tin

Steel City Collection Candles - "Hand Poured in Birmingham, AL"

Birmingham, Alabama, is a city of makers, and the home of Crave Candles Company. To show their appreciation for Birmingham, Crave is taking part in the city's rich history with the Steel City Collection. These hand-poured candles are in containers chosen to represent the industrial heritage and carry on the great tradition of makers that the Steel City has long been proud of.

Distinctive and artistic, the Steel City Collection is a signature presentation of Crave's fabulous fragrances in their all natural soy wax blend. In a variety of mercury glass, these candles will engage your senses visually and with aromas that will bring back old and comfortable memories, and help create new ones.

Crave Candles Company - Dedicated to living a life with passion

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Steel City Candles

Just what I was looking for for my event planning. Great look and fragrance.