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  • Have You Been Scammed?

    Have you been scammed by the fake website "cheapharleyb.com"?

    We have been informed of a fake website based in China with the above name. There is absolutely no connection or relationship with them. They are illegally using our name and logo and have scraped our product images and information.

    Some clues as to why they are fake:

    • The physical address is a golf course in Pennsylvania
    • The telephone number is not a United States based number
    • Poor grammar and broken sentences
    • We could go on ....

    If you have made a purchase on that site, then you should immediately contact your credit card issuer or bank and file a fraud claim. Your order was not placed with Harley Butler Trading Company and it will not be fulfilled. Only we have the relationship with our suppliers.

    So, how do you know you are dealing with the legitimate Harley Butler Trading Company?

    • Always make sure the URL starts with "https://HarleyButlerTC.com"
      • Look for Trust Badges throughout our website from these well-known companies, clicking on the Trust Badge for more information:



        If you have any questions or concerns about placing an order with us, the real Harley Butler Trading Company, please do not hesitate to contact us:

        If you have been victimized by that fake website, we are truly sorry for what you have experienced and wish you the best in resolving the situation.