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  • March 02, 2020 3 min read

    We are always on the search for new products and product lines for a few of reasons. Either it’s a line that is popular at the national trade show markets and other retailers are scooping it up for their stores, other customers have asked for it, or the product looks like something we would ourselves buy for our own home or use.

    Sometimes, we come across a line that has more to offer. That product line today is Calyan Wax Co. Really good products, and one that also does good.

    You may have started out on the Harley Butler Trading Company home page and seen the collection section for the Calyan Wax Co. Fig + Grapefruit candles, and you may have clicked through to browse the products, but did not notice or realize what they do that is good.

    So we will tell you. Calyan Wax Co. is one of those companies that is impassioned with a social cause and to which they have made a commitment to support. Their social cause is helping to restore the lives of victims of human trafficking in America. A real problem with real consequences on many, whether directly affected or not, and one that for some is difficult to discuss. Their tangible commitment is a financial commitment, donating a portion of their revenues to partner organizations that are on the frontlines of the efforts to end human trafficking in America.

    Certainly, a very worthy cause. Through Calyan’s efforts, purchases of their candles can continue to provide benefit and do good in restoring the lives of these survivors long after the last glow of the candle fades.

     Calyan Wax Co. photo

    The Calyan Wax Co. social cause was a big reason we chose to carry their products. Another reason was they are almost in our backyard geographically, presenting the opportunity to visit with them and learn more about the Company. We did that recently when we picked up our initial order. And a good opportunity it proved to be.

    Enthusiastic. Determined. Entrepreneurial. Committed. Quality. Impressive. Real. Team.

    Just a few words to describe the Calyan Team. Learning about their business, from inception, to present, to growth vision, they are truly pursing the American Dream. And seemingly are having a lot of fun doing so. Calyan is not a large corporation with throngs of global employees working to build shareholder value. They are a group of friends that are building a business literally from the ground up. They are just weeks away from moving into a larger facility, providing greater production opportunity to serve existing accounts, as well as new opportunities.

    Their excitement for their products is palpable, the pride in attention to detail and quality from production to delivery is evident, and the joy on their faces when speaking about the business, struggles and accomplishments, is contagious. It is what running a small business is all about, making it easy to extol their virtues.

    So while we hope you will buy Calyan Wax Co. candles from us because of the variety of terrific scents, we hope you will see and embrace the value that goes beyond the purchase to helping support a very worthwhile social cause, and support a business that truly embodies the Made in America spirit.


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