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    So, who the heck is Harley Butler?

    A couple of best friends? Is it some guy named Harley Butler? And just what do you do?



    No, it is not just some guy’s name. It’s a couple of guys, sort of. And, in a manner, they are best friends.

    Harley and Butler are horses. Eventers. The equestrian sport combining dressage, cross-country, and show-jumping. So, they are also athletes. With four legs.

    They have been a big part of our owner’ life for many years, in her life-long love of horses, love of sport, and the sharing of something very personal and meaningful with her daughter, the Equestrian. It is the bond, the relationships forged from the many hours of traveling to practices and competition events and meeting new people, the memories of experiences along the way, that is most important.

    When it came time to select a name for the company, one with meaning that embodies our commitment to quality, to making something the best, of taking care of others, and the importance of the personal connection, the choice was clear, it had to include Harley and Butler.

    And, since we are in the business to sell many different things, trade goods and services with you, then adding Trading Company to the name sounded good also. Gives it the small town general store feel, comfortable, familiar, welcoming. A good place to go to find what you need, but also things you didn’t realize you need, but want.


    Harley                       Butler


    What we do is put forth our best effort to help you make your home comfortable, welcoming, a place where relationships grow and memories are formed. You have an idea, a vision of how you want your home, or office, to look and feel. We want to help you achieve that vision and are glad to offer design advice, look for a particular item, or just simply complete the sale for you.


    We listen. We communicate. We work with you.

    Our e-commerce store is young, but our experience is extensive. With nearly thirty years in the furniture and interior design industry, we have seen styles come and go, and come back. We know what works well together and looks good. We have a passion for furniture and accessories that are stylish, interesting, and are crafted with quality workmanship and materials. The products we offer come from well-established manufacturers and some that are fairly new. They share our principles of commitment to customer service and the importance of the personal connection. They strive to use sustainable materials and employ production methods that are eco-friendly.

    They also share our most important value of treating our customers as we would want to be treated: fairly and with respect. After all, it is about building a relationship. That is the Harley Butler way.

    Thank you for taking the time to learn about what makes us, us. We look forward to helping you achieve your vision in home decor and accessories.

    From our paddock to yours,

    Harley and Butler


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