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  • July 25, 2019 3 min read

    Everyone loves the images of kittens and puppies and just about every other furry or feathery baby. We are no exception. There is just something about the innocence in their eyes, the playfulness when they run, the adorable cuteness when they sleep.

    We at Harley Butler Trading Company are big animal lovers. Well, big and small, even tiny animals. Doesn’t even have to be one of our own.

    We also strongly believe rescued animals make some of the most devoted pets, and admire all of the volunteer-based rescue groups that work to find them good homes. Some animals are adopted and placed quickly, others are fostered for longer periods. And still, there are some that need more than the basic essentials.

    Having, ourselves, made numerous visits over the years to the Vet office, not always for routine checkups, we know providing top quality veterinary medical care for a single animal is not cheap. Multiply that by the number of animals any volunteer-based rescue group may have at any one time and it becomes a major financial cost to cover.

    Now, what about the sick or injured animal that needs non-routine or emergency care? For a volunteer-based group, that cost can be of the greatest consequence. Not just the dollars, but the additional emotional strain experienced by the volunteers to raise funds quickly so the appropriate level of care can be timely provided. Sometimes, the dollars aren’t there, and neither is the care. Veterinarians have bills to pay to run their business also. The sick or injured animal then suffers the most.

    So the idea occurred that we, Harley Butler Trading Company and you, can make a big difference. And everyone can benefit and feel really good about it.

    We call the program “Get 5, Give 5!!!.” When you make your purchase from HarleyButlerTC.com, using the magic discount code specific to each organization, we will take 5% off your purchase(1), and also donate an equal 5% to that particular volunteer-based animal rescue group specifically to be used for non-routine or emergency veterinary care.(2)

    But, you ask, what if you are a dog, horse or other animal-lover, or live away from Dallas and would like the donation to go to another group?

    Not a problem. We absolutely are open to having other qualified animal rescue groups join. Pass their information to us and we will contact them to make arrangements. We can’t imagine a volunteer-based animal rescue group saying no to a donation, even a specific use donation.(3)

    It’s just that easy. You save 5% on your purchase, we make an equal 5% donation, the animal rescue group has funds to set aside for an animal in an emergency, but best of all, the sick or injured animal has a far greater chance of recovering and finding its fur-ever home. That is a Win-Win!

    Cat in carrier at vet office


    Click here for the list of Organizations we are supporting


      1. The 5% off applies to regularly priced items before sales tax, may not be combined with other offers or discounts A donation in an equal 5% amount will be made after expiration of the 14-day product return period of Harley Butler Trading Company, LLC, and will be that of Harley Butler Trading Company, LLC.
      2. The equal 5% donation to be made by Harley Butler Trading Company, LLC, will be in the form of a restricted donation to be used for the purpose of non-routine or emergency veterinary care for animals placed with the beneficiary organization for adoption. Inasmuch as the occurrence of the need for such funds cannot be anticipated, we trust the beneficiary organization to honor our request and use the funds accordingly. We may periodically request reports from the volunteer-based animal rescue groups on the disposition of these funds. If we become aware of a beneficiary organization misusing the donated monies as intended, we may, in our sole discretion, cease further donations and terminate the relationship. Any undistributed funds will be handled as provided in provision (3).
      3. We welcome the opportunity to include other volunteer-based animal rescue groups to benefit from this program. To qualify, the organization must be an IRC Sec. 501(c)(3) non-profit in good standing. Please provide the name and address of the organization, email and/or telephone number of a primary contact for the organization, and their website URL. Upon our satisfaction to the validity of its existence and mission, we will include the organization and make the donation. If, however, we are unable to include any particular volunteer-based animal rescue group and have monies to be donated, we will, in our sole discretion, select the volunteer-based animal rescue group to receive the donation.

      Updated February 20, 2020 

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