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  • January 08, 2021 2 min read

    Everyone loves the images of kittens and puppies and just about every other furry or feathery baby. We are no exception. There is just something about the innocence in their eyes, the playfulness when they run, the adorable cuteness when they sleep.

    We at Harley Butler Trading Company are big animal lovers. Well, big and small, even tiny animals. Doesn’t even have to be one of our own.

    We also strongly believe rescued animals make some of the most devoted pets, and admire all of the community volunteer-based rescue groups that work to find them good homes. Some animals are adopted and placed quickly, others are fostered for longer periods. And still, there are some that need more than the basic essentials.

    Having, ourselves, made numerous visits over the years to the Vet office, not always for routine checkups, we know providing top quality veterinary medical care for a single animal is not cheap. Multiply that by the number of animals any volunteer-based rescue group may have at any one time and it becomes a major financial cost to cover.

    So how can we both help?

    When you shop, we give, they win.

    It’s really simple and easy. When you make a purchase on HarleyButlerTC.com, we donate a percentage of the product sale, at no extra cost to you, to various pre-selected community volunteer-based animal rescue organizations. These organizations don’t have the big budgets for national advertising or administration costs. These are local groups that rely on donations for the basic essentials: food, supplies, and especially veterinary care. With so many volunteer-based animal rescue groups for so many animals, from dogs and cats to horses and birds, we will from time to time change the mix to help spread the benefit.

    You also have the option of searching for your favorite non-profit organization. It may be an animal rescue group you support or favor, or it may be another favorite charity of an entirely different cause. The choice is yours.

    You may be asking how we administer this program. That’s simple also. We have teamed with ShoppingGives to handle the details of validating the charitable status of the various organizations and distributing the donation to them. ShoppingGives is a Certified B Corporation, which means they meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

    Whether you are a pet owner or just an animal lover, know that a portion of your purchase from Harley Butler Trading Company really is going to benefit a precious animal in need.

    That is a Win-Win!


    Micro Actions Lead to Macro Impact!

    Track your shopping impact by creating a free account through our partner, ShoppingGives


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