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Bowls & Vases
Hygro Green Vase II John-Richard Collection $204.70
Wicker Vase-White Chelsea House $202.00

Square Bamboo Vase Chelsea House $216.00

Silver Leafed Clam Shell John-Richard Collection $333.50
Selenite Satin Spar Vase John-Richard Collection Sold Out

Sea Foam Vases - Set of Two John-Richard Collection $181.70
Rounded Telsa Vases John-Richard Collection $204.00

Round Ring Vase Chelsea House $215.00
Round Bamboo Vase Chelsea House $216.00

Queens Gate Vase Chelsea House $449.00

Paradise Vase Chelsea House $296.50
Organic Oval Bowls - Set of 2 John-Richard Collection $250.70

Nickel Orbs Bowl John-Richard Collection $379.50
Mercury Glass Containers John-Richard Collection Sold Out

Leaf Vase - Green Chelsea House $219.00

Leaf Cachepot Chelsea House $158.70
Kowloon Vase Chelsea House $518.00

Holland Covered Urn Chelsea House $198.00
Green Planter-Small Chelsea House $204.70
Green Leaf Vase Chelsea House $295.00

Garden Bowl Chelsea House $228.00
French Caged Basket John-Richard Collection $115.00
Floating Wave Bowl John-Richard Collection $333.50